Over the 23 years of its existence, the Institute has issued more than 60 scientific publications that have become the result of the scientific and research activities of the Institute. In addition, IICAS has been publishing the journal IICAS for more than 10 years. The journal is published twice a year in Russian and English, and is on the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of Uzbekistan. All publications of the Institute are distributed free of charge and are available to everyone. IICAS, independently or in cooperation with UNESCO, organizes international scientific conferences in which dozens of leading scientists from Central Asia and the world have already taken part. Many of the IICAS publications are bilingual and are prepared in English and Russian.

Gandharan Sculpture from Nimogram (Swat)

ISBN: 978-9943-357-57-0;
Era: Sadeed Arif;
Country: Uzbekistan;

The book is published as part of the international project ‘Archaeology and Cultural History of Nimogram: a case study of Buddhist site in Swat Valley, Pakistan’, initiated by the International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS) to explore the Buddhist art of Nimogram. The publication presents a catalog of sculptures with distinctive features among all the famous Buddhist deities.The publication is addressed to specialists, university students, and a wide range of readers interested in the history of our region.

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Ancient Korea in the Arabic and Persian Manuscripts.

ISBN: 978-9943-357-56-3;
Era: Hee Soo Lee, Mohammad Bagher Vosoughi;
Country: Korea;

The book has become an outcome of a five-year co-research of Professor Hee Soo Lee(Republic of Korea) and Professor Mohammad Vosoughi (Islamic Republic of Iran) based on the study of Arabic, Persian and East Asian sources supported by Laboratory Program for Korean Studies through the Ministry of Education of Republic of Korea and Korean Studies Promotion Service of The Academy of Korean Studies.

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Impact of Islam on the Silk Road.

ISBN: 978-9943-357-53-2 ;
Era: Masoud Bayat, Ali Salarishadi;
Country: Iran;

The publication has been prepared in the framework of the “History ofCentral Asia” international research project, initiated by the InternationalInstitute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS).The study focuses on the role of Islam in flourishing and advancement ofthe Great Silk Road. Source works of Islamic authors, presented in thepublication, contain data on geography, history of the region and routenetwork of Islamic states. It describes cities and distances between them,offering a comprehensive overview of the global routes.The publication is intended for specialists and a wide audience interestedin the history of Central Asia.

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Русский Английский Узбекский

The monograph has been prepared within the framework of the “Manuscript and Documentary Heritage of the Peoples of Central Asia” project, implemented by the International Institute for Central Asian Studies and the International Research Center of Imam Bukhari. The book contains a scientific and critical description of the prints of seals stored at the Institute of Oriental Studies named after Abu Raikhan Beruni under inventory No. 7633, made by Sidki Handailiki, the seal calligrapher and engraver. The book is intended for historians, orientalists, university students, as well as for those interested in the history of Central Asia.

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Cultural heritage of Bukhara and the Bukhara oasis

ISBN: 978-9943-357-55-6;
Era: Mirzaakhmedov D.K., Mirzaakhmedov S.D.;
Country: Uzbekistan;

The publication was made within the framework of the project "cultural heritage of Bukhara" prism of tourism", implemented by the International Institute of Central Asian studies. The goal of the project is to publish scientific data conducted on the territory of Bukhara and the Bukhara oasis based on published materials. It covers the layout and topography of settlements, architecture of monuments and ethnographic research. The collection is intended for archaeologists, historians, ethnographers and students of historical faculties of Universities and all those interested in the past of Central Asia.

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