Made in USSR


The book "MADE IN USSR" has a long background. It was inspired by meetings with people whose names and surnames had surprising and at the same time paradoxical combinations, similar to those of the author of the book, Tatyana Fatkhullaevna Niyazova, or a clear disagreement between a person’s appearance and his name. The analysis that formed the basis of the book was based on the stories about the life of interethnic families, their descendants, both living in Samarkand and scattered around the world.

The book highlights and analyzes the family issues and the phenomenon of interethnic marriages, largely explained by the ideological policy of the country's internationalism. In chronological order, the real stories of the appearance of “Russian Turkestani” in Samarkand, intercultural marriages during the period of “indigenization”, the movement of “front-line” and soldier wives to the city have been told. The life and marriages of children of several generations in interethnic families (Uzbeks, Tajiks, Koreans, Crimean Tatars) have been traced. The book is based on "interviews" of children or grandchildren who not only preserved the stories of their parents and grandparents, but also shared photo archives of their multicultural families.

Some of these people made history, some were ordinary inhabitants, while others disappeared without a trace from human memory in the whirlpool of life. The book will be of interest not only to people from Samarkand, but also to all those involved in the recent history of the union of fraternal republics, who formed the so-called galaxy of people "MADE IN USSR".

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