GCED Clearinghouse database

GCED Clearinghouse database

GCED Clearinghouse database

15/04 2021

Initiative by APCEIU and IICAS

We are pleased to inform you that the International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS) is supporting Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) in its effort to increase the accessibility and availability of the GCED Clearinghouse – a database on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) jointly set up by UNESCO and APCEIU to facilitate information sharing and enhance knowledge and understanding of GCED.

The joint initiative by APCEIU and IICAS is aimed to identify quality resources in Russian and expand the GCED Clearinghouse database by adding the resources. The range of resources covers publications, articles, studies, project reports, etc. published by educational authorities, education providers such as universities, NGOs, as well as individual researchers.

We warmly welcome you to join the initiative by suggesting resources in Russian created in or for the region of Central Asia that would cover the following topics:

§  Civic education

§  Citizenship (citizenship education)

§  Democracy

§  Cultural literacy (cultural education, cultural diversity)

§  Intercultural education

§  Cross-cultural

§  Multi-cultural

§  Human rights (human rights, human rights education)

§  Human dignity

§  Genocide

§  International understanding

§  Globalization

§  International education

§  Interdependency

§  Multilingualism

§  Bilingual (bilingualism, bilingual education)

§  Mother tongue (mother tongue, mother tongue instruction)

§  Peace (peace, peace education, peace building)

§  Culture of peace

§  Preventing violent extremism (violence, domestic violence, racial violence, sexual violence bullying, school bullying)

§  Social justice

§  Equity

§  Inclusive education

§  Diversity (cultural diversity, genetic diversity, linguistic diversity)

§  Sustainable development + education for sustainable development

§  Environmental (environmental sustainability, environmental education)

§  Transformative initiatives

§  Transformative pedagogies

§  Youth participation

More details on the GCED Clearinghouse database can be found on https://www.gcedclearinghouse.org/front?language=en

Resources can be submitted to IICAS via email (info@unesco-iicas.org). Please, do not hesitate to contact us may you have further questions or be in need of additional clarifications.