Uniting for World Heritage: The Royal Placenta Chambers of Joseon.

Uniting for World Heritage: The Royal Placenta Chambers of Joseon.

Uniting for World Heritage: The Royal Placenta Chambers of Joseon.

04/11 2023


Just a week ago, Seoul became a buzzing hub for cultural heritage experts at the international symposium entitled 'The Royal Placenta Chambers of Joseon as World Heritage Site.' The prestigious Seoul Baekje Museum opened its doors on October 27 to host a symposium that cast a global spotlight on the incredible historical significance of the Joseon Dynasty's placenta chambers.

These chambers are part of a sacred tradition where the placenta and umbilical cords from royal births were enshrined - symbolizing life and the continuity of the royal lineage. Their potential recognition as a World Heritage Site is not just about preserving structures, but safeguarding the rich intangible heritage and profound philosophical ideals they represent.

Among the esteemed guests, the director of IICAS, Dmitry Voyakin, stood out with his compelling keynote speech. His report, 'Central Asian Countries' World Heritage Initiatives: Strengthening Heritage Management Capacity,' highlighted the synergies with projects like CAAL, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in heritage management. Moreover, Dr. Voyakin's presentation delved into Central Asian traditions associated with the placenta and umbilical cord, as well as various ritual practices known through archaeological research.

The symposium flowed with enriching opening remarks and congratulatory messages, leading up to six thought-provoking presentations. Each speaker brought a unique shard of wisdom to the mosaic of discussions about heritage conservation.

Guided by the wise hand of Professor of Konkuk University Choi Jae-heon, the chair and the creative muse of the Symposium, the discourse that followed was not just a dialogue but a commitment to heritage stewardship. His leadership served as a beacon for the collective endeavor to elevate the significance of the Royal Placenta Chambers on the world stage.

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