Bulletin 36

Bulletin 36

Bulletin 36

01/01 1970


The International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS) is accepting materials for publication in the issue 36 of the Bulletin of IICAS journal.

The journal is dedicated to the problems of archaeology, ethnography, art history and cultural studies, with a focus on ancient, medieval and modern history, including the 20th century, and is issued twice a year in two languages, Russian and English.

The journal's editorial board aims to reach a wide audience of scholars and students.

Articles go through double-blind peer review conducted by world-class experts. The journal is supplied to the libraries of institutes and interested organisations across Central Asia on a free basis.

We want to invite representatives of the international expert and analytical community, whose professional interests are connected with Central Asia, to cooperation.

Send your publications before 31 August to info@unesco-iicas.org.

Design rules for articles can be found here: https://www.unesco-iicas.org/ru/book/56