The Institute has the opportunity not only to act as an intermediary among scientists from around the world but also to coordinate projects in a mode facilitated for all parties. IICAS is the only scientific organization of its kind in Central Asia; therefore, the Republic of Uzbekistan granted the Institute with a wide range of privileges, including:

    Tax exemption;

    Customs duties exemption;

    Diplomatic immunity.

IICAS fosters cooperation not only with Member States. The Institute has a wide network of Associate Members, including major universities, organizations and research centers with focus on cultural heritage. Leading researchers and experts from France, Netherlands and the UK take part in the activities of IICAS as Corresponding Members. As a partner and co-organizer, the Institute conducts research projects fully and comprehensively. Striving to sustain unique research projects, IICAS actively facilitates the search for funding opportunities. Thanks to its wide network of partners and status, IICAS can make contacts not only with individual scientists and research institutions but also with national governments of other countries. With reference to the Institute’s mission, values and goals, this makes IICAS a hub for implementing projects of various scales. Importantly, IICAS enjoys continuous support from UNESCO.